Do i need google play services app on my phone

22/02/2020 · Use the Google Play Store to install any Android app. Now that the store is installed and you're signed in, you can download and install any Google Play app, including Chrome and Hangouts. If you get prompted to update Google Play Services, agree and you'll be taken to the Google Play Services store page. Tap "Update" to update it.

2. Uninstall Updates. While you cannot uninstall Google Play Services entirely, you can remove its updates. When you do so, the app will go back to the factory or the initial version.

do I need google play movies, google+, facebook for ...

Do you really need to check for Google Play services … Google's instructions here say that if you want to use AdMob in your Android app via Google Play services you must ensure the user's device has the Google Play services APK installed. However, I'm having terrible trouble trying to get this working; and I've noticed that even if I uninstall the Google Play services updates on my phone (and don't bother checking if the services is available) my How to update Google Play Services, the easy way | … Next, you need to know use that same browser to find an APK of Google Play Services. Here's how you do that. Download Google Play Services APK. Now you simply have to choose the right Google Play Google Play services for Android - APK Download

How to Fix Google Play Services Battery Drain on … How to Detect Google Play Services’ Battery Drain on Android. The good news is that to detect whether Google Play Services is draining your Android device’s battery, you don’t need to install another app. It’s as easy as going into your device’s Settings and tapping “Apps & notifications.” Next, tap “See all xx apps,” scroll down to “Google Play Services” and tap that There's a Mysterious New 'Google Carrier Services' … In other words, the app is up on the Google Play Store, but it won’t actually do anything until Google updates it. We could speculate as to what the new app is all about. How to update Google Play Services on an Android … Here's a guide on how to update and troubleshoot Google Play Services, the program that runs many of your Android phone's most important features.

What is google play services? - Samsung Admire | … 11/07/2016 · Why do they need this anyway since Google Play has been working fine! If they really want to force this onto their users, they should give them an option to opt out! From what I can tell, this "app" does not improve any of Google Play operation, just another useless junk. Maybe if we complain enough, Google will let users to have the option to opt out. Google Play Games: Everything you need to know Google Play Games has been out for a little while now and it’s about time we took you for a stroll through the app to show you what it’s really supposed to do. If you’re not a big fan of How to install the Google Play Store on an Android …

17 May 2019 Can be used only on devices endorsed by Google. Embed Google services in the app on a need basis, Similar to the Android app compat 

5 Ways to Fix ‘Google Play Services Has Stopped’ … Step 5: After opening Google Play services app, Once this is done, you need to add your Google account once again to your Android device. Follow the below steps to add the Google account. Step 1: Head to Settings and then tap on Accounts. Step 2: Tap on Add Account and select Google Account. Step 3: Enter your Gmail address. Follow the onscreen instructions to add your Gmail account to How to Uninstall Google Play Services without … 07/03/2017 · How will you do? if you do a factory reset, you may need to spend lot of time again to re-install other mobile apps and all but here is a video that shows how to reset or fix google play services Is it safe to uninstall Google Play Services App? I have uninstalled google play services from my Galaxy Ace running Gingerbread, due to running out of internal memory space, and it does not appear to have made any difference to the operation of the phone. I can still install apps, access Gmail, etc. I don't sync any data from the phone, other than Gmail. Phone runs much better now, much more internal memory and ram available. Phone is set More steps to fix problems on Google Play - Google …

The Google Play Services app in your phone acts like a framework for all the You can try cleaning up its cache and see if that would fix the issue. Solution 6 – I hate to say this, but in the end, you might just want to install a 

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